Jean Gillet is a French musician, composer and producer.
With a classical background, he quickly developed an interest for pop music and learned several instruments.
Equally comfortable on bass , drums and guitar, he's a self sufficient musician in the studio, and a valuable partner on stage.
Being at the same time passionate about music production, he' s always been keen to master the studio tools from early on.

As a touring musician or producer in the studio, he's had the privilege to work with artists such as;
Clip Payne (Parliament-Funkadelic), Peter Von Poehl, Erica Buettner, Alain Chamfort, Elise Caron, Joseph Leon,
Mocky, Marie Modiano, Nina Morato, Marie-Flore or Mathieu Chedid to name a few. 

Living in London at the end of the 90s,  he co founded the Key Recordings Label and recording studio,

where he wrote soundtracks for corporate advertising and worked on releases for the label.

Today, based at the Mezzanine studio in the Paris suburbs 
he produces and mix projects for various artists,
as well as composing soundtracks for Green United Music among others.

His broad experience on all levels of music creation has made him an accomplished producer
with a fine tuned ear and a wide set of skills allowing him to endorse all roles in the production process.